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NewRefLED-Leuchte mit Gelenk und Transformator im Leuchtensockel

Versorgungsspannung 230 VAC +-20%
Leistungsaufnahme 22 W
Leuchtmittel CreeCMT1922 Ra=80
Lichtstrom 3500 lm
Minimale Lebensdauer 80 000 h
Abdeckungsgrad IP67
Umgebungstemperatur -20 bis +50°C
Durchmesser des Leuchtenkörpers 97 mm
Länge des Leuchtenkörpers 100 mm
Höhe des Transformatordeckels 46 mm
Gelenklänge  97 mm
Farbtemperatur 5000K

Wir gewähren Mengenrabatte ab 11 Stück, 101 Stück

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Preis ohne MwSt.   281.59 EUR
Bestellnummer Eigenschaften
NewRefLED/RV7/KM0/40D/TA Ausgang durch die Kabelverschraubung, mit Schalter

Spezifikationen - NewRefLED-Leuchte mit Gelenk und Transformator im Leuchtensockel

Beschreibung des Produkts

Industrial lighting of machines is important both from the point of view of production quality and work safety and requires the use of specialized machine lamps. These lamps are characterized by a high degree of coverage and robust construction. The LED machine light NewRefLED 230V is suitable for local lighting, and we recommend it as a replacement for older halogen lights with an input of 150W. The 230V NewRefLED machine light has proven itself excellently for lighting large machine tools such as gantry machining centers, large horizontal boring machines, and carousels, but also for larger presses and a number of other machines. Apart from these applications, the NewRefLED 230V machine lamp is suitable for lighting facades and highlighting architectural elements. The body of the machine light is made of an extruded aluminum profile, fitted with one COB (Chip on Board), and supplemented with an aspherical glass lens with a 40° radiation angle. The NewRefLED 230V machine light is equipped with a rocker switch on the head with a plastic cover; the overall degree of ingress protection is IP67.

The machine light is attached by a metal joint with three degrees of freedom, seated on a plastic cover with a transformer. The switch is located on the side of the transformer cover. The cover has three holes for mounting screws. The supply cable with the fork is brought out through the outlet on the side of the transformer cover.

We do not recommend using this light without additional protection in close proximity to working welders and lasers, as their intense UV radiation can degrade the LED chip.



Minimaler thermischer Einfluss auf das beleuchtete Objekt

Gute Farbwiedergabe

Eingebaute Stromversorgung 230V

Hohe Schutzart IP67

Schock- und vibrationsbeständig

Robustes Gelenk mit hoher Bremskraft

Maschinenleuchten-Lebensdauer von mindestens 80 000 Stunden, Ende des Glühlampenwechsels!

Amortisationszeit im Vergleich zu einer 150W Halogen-Maschinenleuchte ca. 1 Monat (Beleuchtung 16h pro Tag)



Grundriss des Transformatorengehäuses

Scheinwerfer 230V NewRefLED-Leuchte mit Gelenk und Transformator im Leuchtensockel